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Costco, Kids, and Community

One of my favorite memories is shopping at Costco with my grandmother as a kid and filling up the cart to the top with everything from flowers to chicken. My grandma loved Costco, because they never did anything halfhearted or small. This included customer service, membership service, and of course the huge warehouse full of warehouse-sized goods! Costco continues to operate as a top-notch business where they serve not only their members, but also serve their community by giving back Costco style (BIG)!

In 2018 Costco raised over $33 million dollars for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, with our three local warehouses raising over $198,000. They have a passion for putting their money where the miracles happen. In recognition of the funds that Costco has raised for our local program over the years, a pediatric room at the SVMC Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic was named in their honor. The services provided through the Pediatric Diabetes Clinic have enabled local families to receive care locally instead of having to travel for hours in order to receive their medical care in another community. The Pediatric Diabetes Clinic here in Salinas not only supports kids but also supports the family by providing healthy lifestyle classes which include education about nutrition, cooking classes, and exercise.

Costco’s cashiers ask for donations, but it is the members donating $1, $5, $20 at a time that creates the magic in order for the miracles to happen. Local children benefit directly with these dollars and will continue to benefit with added support and services each year.

Without donations, this clinic would not have been possible and our community would be left with families having to spend hours traveling to receive healthcare. Precious time is taken away from families that already have had so much taken away.

With local dollars, we are able to fund medically beneficial services and equipment for local children that have a positive effect on the entire family. This type of support provides a higher quality of care that gives a child and their family the physical, emotional, and mental support they need to move forward and stay strong for each other. Getting healthy one step at a time together.

If you are interested in being a secret shopper at Costco either in Santa Cruz, Sand City, or Salinas please contact me for details at 831.759.3017 or