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From PD to Parent

Being a Program Director is rewarding. I have the good fortune of being able to go to a job that I love every day, knowing that in some way I’m making a small difference in the lives of others.

For 8 years I have been a PD, doing my best to raise funds for our local program, knowing the “hospital” perspective inside and out. I can tell you what equipment we have funded, share heartwarming stories of children and families that we have helped, and I can recite dozens of different medical needs grants that we have provided over the years.

A few years ago, my perspective changed. I went from looking from the outside in, to looking from the inside out. It was my own child having tests – first evaluations, then a more in-depth analysis with specialists, and finally an EEG and a brain MRI. It was my own daughter who was having consults with specialists and my own family that was gripped with worry and uncertainty.

While our journey is still ongoing, thankfully our challenges are not life-threatening. We are among the lucky ones. The perspective that I gained through the process, however, has had a lasting impact on my job as a fundraiser. I get to say “thank you” as a Mom.

I tell my partners that I loved my job before, but that now I love it differently. Now I love my job with more understanding and more compassion, and that makes me that much more grateful when others make the effort to fundraise along with me. Thank you for believing in what we do, and for helping kids like mine.