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Meet Molly

I first met Molly in early 2013, not long after she received a custom mobility tricycle from Santa (with some help from our local CMNH Program). She was a spunky 8 year old then with sparkly light up shoes and the biggest, brightest smile in the room. She showed off her new bike and I got the first of many hugs that we’d share over the next several years.

molly-hallWhen you meet Molly, you may notice that she has cerebral palsy. What you may not notice right away is that she is a voracious reader, an exceptional student, and a truly happy child. She is largely non-verbal due to her CP, but she uses a DynaVox device in school to communicate to her teachers and friends. With family, she’s very capable of expressing herself without the aide of any technology.

In trying to describe Molly to others, I’m quick to say that her cognitive ability is just like any other child her age (above average actually) and that her physical disability has no bearing on her mental capabilities. My (then) 9 year old daughter put it best after meeting Molly for the first time:

“Mom, she’s just like me. She even likes the same books I do and she loves Minecraft! She’s just stuck inside of a body that doesn’t work. How frustrating!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

While getting to know Molly’s story, we learned that she had more than one connection to our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Program. Not only had she received a grant for the mobility tricycle (by way of Santa), but we learned that when she was 4 years old she was rushed to our Emergency Room while in the midst of a seizure. She quickly went into respiratory distress and a code was initiated by our ER team. Molly’s life was saved using a pediatric crash cart that was funded by our CMNH Program.

In late 2013 we nominated Molly to serve as the 2014 CMNH Champion for California, and she was selected. Along with Champions from across North America, she visited DisneyWorld, the White House (where she met the First Lady and the first dogs), and Capital Hill where the Champions lobbied on behalf of children’s healthcare needs. She became the face of our fundraising and is still involved today.

Today, Molly is doing fantastic! Her mobility has improved dramatically, which her family partially attributes to her mobility tricycle. She’s able to feed herself (a huge goal for her) and she’s just as happy as ever.

After Molly returned from her Champions trip, she colored a picture for me. It’s on my desk to this day, and I never plan to take it down. Molly is a symbol of everything that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals stands for, and a reminder of how fortunate we are to be a member of this incredible network.