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Meet Quinn!

Quinn is a smart, active and engaging 10-year-old from Carmel Valley who also just happens to have Type 1 Pediatric Diabetes. From the time of his diagnosis at only 18 months old, Quinn and his family have had to travel to the Bay Area for treatment related to his Diabetes. These treatment trips took Quinn and his siblings out of school for an entire day and meant spending hours in the car battling Bay Area traffic.

On February 2nd, Quinn helped open the new Pediatric Diabetes Clinic within the SVMC Diabetes & Endocrine Center in Salinas. The opening of this clinic means that Quinn and his family can get state of the art care by UCSF Pediatric Endocrinologists, right here in Monterey County. No more long car trips, fewer missed school days, and access to specialized care close to home.

This incredible clinic has been largely funded by donations made to our local CMN Hospitals Program, and is an excellent example of those local funds in action. 100% of all donations made in our tri-county area stay local, making a difference for kids right here in our community, just like Quinn.

Quinn has a passion for education, and that extends beyond loving and excelling in school. He passionately believes in sharing his story and educating others about Pediatric Diabetes, and especially serving as an advocate for newly diagnosed kids and their families. Whether it’s talking about healthy portion control, explaining high and low blood sugar, or sharing info on his insulin pump, Quinn uses his condition as a springboard to educate others.

This year, Quinn has been selected to serve at the local Children’s Miracle Network Hosptials Champion for our market area, representing Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties. He is an exceptional speaker and looks forward to visiting and thanking our local CMN Hospitals Partners, as well as spreading awareness of our program and the local impact that donations make.

Welcome to the Champions family, Quinn! Thank you for being an advocate for our program, and for being such a true champion for other kids with Pediatric Diabetes.

2018 local CMN Hospitals Champion Quinn officially opens the new Pediatric Diabetes Clinic in Salinas. Quinn is seen here with (L-R) SVMHS Board President Chris Orman, Director of Diabetes Services Dana Armstrong, Nurse Practitioner Emily Sousa, Pediatric Endocrinologist Dr. Saleh Adi, and SVMHS Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Radner.