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Miracles That Matter

Labor day, a day established to celebrate the eight-hour movement.  A movement which advocated for eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

This completely balanced 24 hour day makes perfect sense to me.  OH! WAIT! Balance! What is that?

Today people have an average of a two-hour commute to work and back, kids to run to soccer practice, the wonderful internet which means sending those last few emails you didn’t have time for at work, friends that want to connect to “distress”, and of course the healthy home-cooked dinner.

By the time the kids are fed and in bed, house semi cleaned up, and work wrapped up there is usually only six hours of sleep or less just time to recharge to start all over again.

This is an exhausting yet rewarding cycle of events.  Each year that flies by you realize your kids are growing up healthy and happy, your retirement fund is growing and your bills are paid, you have friends that are there for support in good times and bad.  All the hard work is paying off…

Now imagine adding a special needs child to your life.  A child that has a meltdown when trying to get them dressed making you 15 minutes late to your first meeting.  A phone call in the middle of day informing you that your child has gotten into trouble for not being able to control their behavior in class.  A child that wants to play soccer but feels rejected because of their lack of coordination and lack of speed.  A child that refuses to eat your healthy home-cooked meal.  A child that struggles to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep at the end of a long day.

In this life you have exerted twice the energy with half the benefits.  Your friends just don’t understand which has caused your relationships to weaken.  You were passed up on a promotion at work because of your poor attendance.  You are behind one month in your credit card statements because you had to pay for some extra testing that your child needed and the insurance did not cover.

This cycle is also exhausting and rewarding, but it comes at a great cost.  Most parents with special needs kids lack sleep, exercise, friendship, and support.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals was created to help those parents who struggle and need extra support whether it is through medical care, therapy, or just a miracle parent support group.

A miracle for those who need it the most.

For more information about our CMN Hospitals Program, Miracle Parent Support group, how to donate or volunteer please email Jamie Miller @