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Reflections of a Miracle Worker

Today is the big day, my one-year work anniversary! If we have not had a chance to meet yet, my name is Andrea Cisneros and I am the CMN Hospitals Program Coordinator here at the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation. I serve the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Program at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital where I have the privilege of raising funds and awareness for children’s healthcare at the local level.

Throughout my adulthood, I learned that I had a passion and calling to be of service. I felt like I had special gifts that I could utilize to better the well-being of my community. When I was offered the opportunity to serve children in the tri-county area (Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties) I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to serve local children.

Looking back on my first couple of months in the role, I laugh to myself because I really threw myself into the role. I probably drove my colleagues crazy with my endless cleaning, moving, reorganizing, question asking, and last minute ideas that I really did not have the ability to accomplish at the time. I kindly ignored the advice of friends and coworkers when they recommended I take some rest. And I begrudgingly accepted compliments from my directors when they commended me on my efforts. It was hard.

As the year went on, I questioned if I had the grit to be a “Miracle Worker.” I even started to ask myself if I even knew what being a Miracle Worker meant. I realized that as I was visiting our corporate partner locations and asking associates to “find their why” that I did not ask myself the same question. I knew I wanted to be of service to others, but I did not know why! It took some time, tears, and self-reflection, but eventually I found my why and everything quickly fell into place.

I accepted the position of being your CMN Hospitals Program Coordinator because I felt like I have the skills and experience to serve our community, but I embraced the role of a Miracle Worker because I believe that every child deserves the best quality of care to live a full and happy life. I feel honored to work alongside our community members, corporate partners, local businesses, gamers, healthcare workers, and donors to be able to advocate for children’s healthcare.

I feel immense gratitude to be your CMN Hospitals Program coordinator and I thank each one of you for the support you have shown me along the way. I am looking forward to another incredible year of making miracles happen for local kids. I hope that you will consider joining me this year!

Together we can change kids’ health and change the future.