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Special Ducks for Special Kids

There’s a new friend providing comfort to kids around Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital!

Thanks to a generous partnership with Aflac, our CMN Hospitals Program is now happy to supply the My Special Aflac Duck™ to newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients treated at our hospital. Many local kids with cancer start out in the emergency room, with no idea what their underlying condition might be. While those newly diagnosed kids are being readied to transport to the Bay Area for specialized cancer treatment, we hope that the My Special Aflac Duck will give them some comfort and companionship during a very scary time.

About My Special Aflac Duck:

My Special Aflac Duck™ is a “smart” robotic companion for children who have cancer.  With lifelike movement and emotions, and a mixed-reality app, this innovative social robot uses interactive play to help distract children coping with cancer, while also helping them share their emotions.

This amazing special friend is designed to help provide comforting and entertaining experiences during cancer treatment. My Special Aflac Duck’s core functions include medical play (he even has a removable chemotherapy port!), feeding and bathing; music and dancing; emotional expression and soothing heartbeats and nuzzling. Aflac’s goal is to put a My Special Aflac Duck in the hands of the nearly 16,000 children in the U.S. who are newly diagnosed with cancers each year, free of charge, so that no child ever has to face cancer alone.

While the ‘My Special Aflac Ducks’ are only available to patients, you can adopt a hero duck of your own for a $10 donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by clicking here.

Thank you, Aflac, for caring for these very special kids, with these new special friends.