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Team Panda!

The wonderful folks at our 8 local Panda Express locations have set a great goal – to get ALL of their front line staff members to our local CMN Hospital to learn more about our cause and to take a tour of our facility. Over the next few months, over 200 Panda Express associates will visit our hospital!

Panda Express LogoLead by “Superhero Sheila,” 10-15 associates will visit us weekly, where they’ll learn about the programs that they help support, the kids that they help to get better, and the state of the art equipment that they help to buy.  Last year these 8 amazing locations raised almost $20,000 (which was more than double their 2014 total), most of which was raised through their ’round up’ program at the registers. The next time you enjoy Panda Express, make sure to say “YES!” when they ask if you’d like to round up your change to make a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Thank you to each of the Panda Express associates for taking time out of their busy day to visit us, and a huge THANK YOU to Superhero Sheila for coordinating this great opportunity.

To quote one associate from our very first tour:

“I always knew that we were asking for a good cause, but it is really great to get to see where the money goes. Now I want to ask and fundraise even more!”