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Walmart Rallies!

With 9 days left in their fundraising campaign, our three local Walmart Supercenters are working hard to reach their goals.  We know how hard it is to ‘make the ask’ week after week and day after day, so we are extremely thankful to our Walmart Associates for going the extra mile for our kids.

Some of the funds raised by these Walmart Associates will help sick and premature babies in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  From funding the Giraffe OmniBed Carestations and diagnostic equipment, to supporting the Beads of Courage Program, these donations make a difference.

little-feet-stewardship-slideWe often remind our fundraisers that average healthy babies have their milestones measured in weeks, months, and years. For a premature baby, the milestones are often measured in minutes, hours, and days.  The first time a mom gets to hold her baby… the first time baby breathes room air without assistance… the first time baby can sleep in an open bassinet instead of a high tech carestation… These milestones matter, and our friends at Walmart are helping more babies reach these milestones each and every day.

Thank you to Team Walmart and for all of the associates for pulling together in these last 9 days.

To our local friends, if you’ll be shopping at Walmart in the next 9 days, make sure to say YES when you’re asked to donate!